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My coats renowned the world over for its exquisite hand embroidery and unique designs.
My designs bring for the clients some of the most finely crafted range of embroidered coats or jackets made by the dexterous hands of artisans.
Ornina coats and jackets are designed and made to suit individual tastes and requirements .
These are extremely warm and lend an elegant touch to the ensemble owing to their intricate embroidery .
Enjoy your eyes with my variety collection of differents designs and styles which i beleive it is rich of wonderful combination of colors .

Choosing the correct size
you will probably not have measured yourself for sometime, and when you do measure yourself, you are shocked to discover that you are not the size you used to be! ornina beg you to ignore all the fears and trepidations of getting out the tape measure and we ask you to measure yourself in a relaxed state (do not breathe in!), This is the only way of getting an accurate uptodate measurement.
Please do not use the size label in another garment from your wardrobe.

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Ornina Coats 17


Old hand woven silk, palestinian needle-work.
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Ornina Coats 18


Aleppo Brocade, The collar is Palastinian needle-work.
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Ornina Coats 19


Hand printed pure silk coat, Amazing colors.
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Ornina Coats 20


Pure cashmere wool, hand embroidered.
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Ornina Coats 21


Aleppo brocad with afghani needle-work
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Ornina Coats 22


Hand woven silk, Palestinian needle-work at the sides.
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Ornina Coats 23


kordish silk fabric with palestinian needle-work.
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Ornina Coats 24


Pure silk with hand emroidered suzani.
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