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Merino Scarf

Merino wool is the material shorn from Merino sheep, These sheep are sought after for their coats, which are said to produce the finest, softest wool available, This wool is often used for athletic garments. As it breathes and works better than most synthetic fabrics, The wool comes in different grades that are based on the strain of sheep and its associated climate setting, There are two types of Merino sheep, horned rams and Poll Merinos, Poll Merinos have small stubs, or scurs, Merino rams have long, spiraled horns, There are also many strains of these sheep, which depend on the area in which they are raised, The four basic strains are Peppin, South Australian, Saxon, and Spanish, Merinos are extremely adaptable to variable temperatures, Therefore, they can be found in many areas of the world. Even though Australia is the leading producer of Merino wool, New Zealand produces the highest quality of this soft wool, Merino wool is softer and more finely crimped than other wools.
There are five basic wool grades, strong, medium, fine, super fine and ultra fine. A shawl from our gallery would suit any occasion.

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