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Adnan Talalini

My name is Adnan born in Syria (Aleppo city)
While studying I also use to guide tourist in our amazing old market in Aleppo. Fortunately guiding tourist in our wonderful old bazaar gave me the opportunity to learn much about our rich heritage. The untold value of the Heritage which we inherited from our ancestors is a treasure we have to preserve for our future generation. From here I started my career because I love art and I appreciate it. In February 2008 I started my own study about old textiles.
March 2009 I started visiting the villages where the old textiles were done.

For thousands of years women in this area have embroidered. And I had wonderful meetings with old women extremely hospitable and they were so happy because they knew I value their textiles and I am trying to preserve it. February 2010 I was in Europe on vacation and I discovered that Europe is rich of talented designers making wonderful cuts and great ideas but poor textile.

I thought of preserving the old textile traditions by learning, understanding and practicing them. I think that they can only be preserved if I develop modern designs based on the old traditions but at the same time fitting to our modern way of life. And that is what I did. I took part of my own selected collection of old textiles and I put my touch according to my experience of textiles and my wonderful taste of colours combination. I transformed my textiles into women clothes (coats, dresses, skirts, trousers, shirts) and I have had a great success because it is really amazing art.

My designs received a lot of admiration, and this reason encouraged me to continue. My designs have reached the European markets I am confident that my success will widen because my ambition will not stop.

I cannot express my happiness when I see clothes that I design from finest ancient handmade printed or needled work on women's bodies I wont ignore that a big part of my success is by the favour of tourists because they all appreciate and understand the value of the textiles The heritage to me was like a big garden full of flowers. I choose one flower for each piece, based on the textile mixing old and new textiles together creating a new gorgeous item and I want to pass it to others.

Welcome To My World ..

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