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Halab al-Shahba : is one of the most ancient cities still inhabited today. It is located in the north of Syria, 360 meter above sea level. It is the second most important city in Syria. It was inhabited first in the Stone Age, and the caves which ancient men carved still exist in Al-Kalasa.
The word «Aleppo» is said to mean «the place of gathering,» «the heart,» or «the core.» The name «Shahba» is due to Aleppo's stones. Aleppo is a major commercial centre which joins the Orient and Europe because it is an important station in the Silk Road.

Aleppo is the first city in Syria in terms of buildings. It is known for its white and yellow lime stones and black basalt stones. The most notable sights in Aleppo are its huge citadel, fence, and gates. In addition, it is one of the richest cities in mosques and ancient schools. Moreover, Aleppo is famous for its big market («Suk») which has slender roofs and huge pillars. This Suk comprises more than ten kilometres of markets, public and private inns, and ancient baths.

Aleppo Citadel : is one of the most important citadels in Syria. It is located on a natural hill on which many temples have been founded ever since antiquity.
During the Byzantine era and the Islamic era, Aleppo Citadel became a strongly fortified defensive citadel and a shelter to which the citizens resorted in times of danger. The Islamic kings and princes did their best to fortify and preserve it. It reached the peak of its glory in the reign of King al-Zaher Ghazi, son of Saladin al-Ayoubi, when it became an architectural wonder in the art of military fortification. It also formed one unit of civil life supported by military foundations.
It was exposed to many attacks which spoiled and destroyed it. It was also struck by many earthquakes. Some parts survived such hazards, for example, its gates, entrances, the throne hall, the royal palace, the great mosque, the baths, the storerooms, and the prison house. The citadel is surrounded by a trench which was filled by water as the need arose.

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