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Aleppo Markets

Aleppo markets date back to 4th millennium BC. There are a group of markets and khans built on the sides of the old street between the citadel and Bab Antakya. They are 37 markets (15km in total length.) Their roofs were made of sticks and carpets, and after being burnt, these roofs were re-constructed with a well-designed respiratory and light system.

Suk al-Attarin : was called Suk al-Abarin. This market now trades cloth in addition to spices and Aleppo thyme which give the market its special fragrance.

Suk Al-Saqatia : west of Suk al-Attarin, is a long market consisting of three parts for the sale of popular food, such as «beans,» «Katayef,» «Kunafa,» and «meat».

Suk al-Saboun : opposite Khan al-Saboun, trades cloth and carpets.

New Suk Istanbul : (also called «Suk al-Niswan») is one of the most important entrances of the city from the north. It is divided by the gate of the Great Umayyad Mosque in the middle. It is named such because many women come to it to buy women wares and cloths.

Suk al-Hibal : stretches to the west of Suk al-Sourmatia (the market of traditional Aleppo red sandals). It is distinguished by its narrow alleys and small shops. It trades ropes.

Suk al-Joukh : is adjacent to Khan al-Olabia. It is known for its spaciousness and the organization of its shops. It trades cloths and textile products.

Old Suk Istanbul : (also called «Tfadali Suk,» meaning «you are welcome,» an expression which sellers use to attract the attention of women). The doors of the market are closed instead of closing the shops. It trades women cloths.

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