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27th May 2024

About My Website

Ornina hand made

I am pleased to announce the launch of my new website.
Which I hope will be a window shopping to find out which on what I call the magic of the Orient.
My site contains a collection of distinctive jewelry, shawls and accessories for home decor.
every single piece you see is an art itself.
And because my ambiguous aim is to achieve excellence in every sphere I focus on providing quality products, offering competent services, quoting reasonable prices and ensuring timely delivery.
However our lifestyle has changed dramatically.
Always i had a desir to build a bridge between our modern life and the heritage of the past.
To regain traditions and make it part of our everyday life.
So that in future it can continue to enrich our everyday life.
My website is kind of small message to intreduce people to my syrian culture and history and traditional handmade works.
For this reason, part of the website talks about the history of Aleppo city.
Also you will be able to listen to a selected wonderful music.
And i will add a corner which you can through it read an interesting subject that you can share comments.
Because your comment is important to me and it makes part of my success.
wish to To have a fingerprint in the world of manual work.
MY shipment takes between three and four days .
I ship through DHL or TNT or FEDEX .
Shipment is kind of a service to all my clients.
Except for the furnitures you will be supplied by its cost.

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